Luis Martí-Bonmatí

Pro Academia Prize 2013

The Exe­cu­tive Board of the Pro Aca­de­mia Prize has de­cid­ed to con­fer the Pro Aca­de­mia Prize 2013 on

Luis Martí-Bonmatí of Valencia, Spain,

as the hub of of an academic network, including the following group leaders re­pre­sent­ing their re­spec­tive groups:

Ángel Alberich Bayarri, Bonaventura Casanova i Estruch, Bernardo Celda, Julio Doménech, Marien Gadea Doménech, Daniel García Párraga, Fernando Gómez, Vicente Hernández, María de la Iglesia, Antonio Pellicer, Montserrat Robles, and Julio Sanjuán

"in Recognition of their Efforts, Contributions, and Achievements in Science and Academic Life."

Pictures of the Ceremony

The Prize was presented to Luis Martí-Bonmatí and twelve group leaders at a special ceremony at the Teatro Académico (Paraninfo) of the La Nau Building of the University of Valencia on 13 February 2013.

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 The Prize recipients, the representatives of TRTF and of the University of Valencia. 
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 Peter A. Rinck delivering the Prize Presentation Speech. 
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 Luis Martí-Bonmatí receiving the Prize. 
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 Luis Martí-Bonmatí thanking for the Prize in his Acceptance Speech. 
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 Patricia de Francisco of The Round Table Foundation introducing the Prize recipients. 
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 The Group Leaders: Ángel Alberich Bayarri receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Bonaventura Casanova i Estruch receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Bernardo Celda receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Julio Doménech receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Marien Gadea Doménech receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Daniel García Párraga receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Fernando Gómez receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Vicente Hernández receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: María de la Iglesia receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Antonio Pellicer receiving the Prize.
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 The Group Leaders: Montse Robles receiving the Prize. 
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 The Group Leaders: Julio Sanjuán receiving the Prize. 
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 View of the Teatro Académico (Paraninfo) of the La Nau Building. 
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 Reception in the Cloister of the La Nau building after the Prize Ceremony. 
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 Reception in the Cloister of the La Nau building after the Prize Ceremony. 
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 The Prize Owl.